Hello and thank you for your visit to my pages!

Some time ago I found fun making music on the internet. I sing fun songs and often play on the piano or (less often) the guitar.

At times, I make livestream broadcasts on Twitch, YouTube and MeetMe. Then you can watch me in the video livestream and chat with me at the same time and like to wish you own songs. Unfortunately, I can not play everything, but I try my best.

On my website you can find various links to platforms where I can be found. These include the livestreaming platforms Twitch and YouTube, as well as the karaoke platform Smule.

Smule is an app from the field of "Social Singing". One person opens a song. Any other singer on the platform can sing along to the first singer. After seven days, the song participation is closed. Each singer is shown on the screen, which text parts he should sing.

I've met many great new people through streaming and online karaoke. Once you have started, it will be difficult to get away from it.

Are you here because you wanted to know more about my technical equipment for Smule? Then you can find more information here:

How do I connect a professional microphone for Smule to my phone?

Andi Tasten

Andi Tasten