[title]Help! My microphone at Smule does not work![/Title]

Help! My microphone or headset does not work with Smule!

If your microphone or headset doesn't work at Smule at all, the following causes come into consideration:

First, it is important to make sure that your microphone works on the phone at all. To do this, record a short video clip with the standard camera app on your mobile phone and make sure that the problem occurs exclusively with Smule or generally with your mobile phone.

If you find out that your microphone / headset does not work in the standard camera app of your mobile phone, first make sure that the microphone you are using is compatible with your mobile phone. The most reliable is the headset that originally came with the phone when purchased. Incidentally, the included headsets also usually provide quite acceptable sound quality, since they are adapted to the corresponding mobile phone. Of course you can expect from the consumer headsets, which are designed for telephoning, no professional sound quality.

In addition, it is also helpful to test whether the recording works at all - ie without an infected headset.

Once you're satisfied that your microphone problem is a Smule-specific issue because the headset works in all other applications, test the corresponding volume slider within the Smule app that appears as soon as you enter Sing mode re currently. Do not you hear, put the volume control higher. If you get distorted, the volume control may be too loud, causing the recording to overdrive (by too much "gain"). If you notice that the recording is noisy, make sure that your used headset is active and not the phone's internal microphone is used. (Sing once loud in the headset microphone and once loud in the microphone of the phone to distinguish.)

What's also worth a try: Try a headset (with speakers / loudspeaker plugs) with built-in microphone and a pure headphone without microphone input, where you can use the microphone built into the phone. If one does not work, then the other may work.

If there is a possibility, test your headset / microphone on another cell phone if your phone is incompatible for some reason. With your login data, it is possible to log in to other devices with your account.

If you use an appropriate audio interface for Smule, it should be noted that not all of them are compatible.

From time to time it has also happened that in Smule versions incompatibilities have crept in. Not every Smule version worked flawlessly. Even after major system updates of the cell phone incompatibilities may occur. It may also be considered to switch to purely manual updates, to update only when necessary, if just everything works.

Have the initial difficulties been resolved ...

Then here you will find the first basics for singing on Smule.

Do you want to use a professional vocal microphone in Smule instead?

Then it goes on here: How do I use a professional microphone in the Smule Online Karaoke app? Please keep in mind, however, that more hardware can make your technical setup more complicated, and consider this only if everything already works!

More questions?

If the article has not answered all questions, you can also contact me.

Did you solve your original problem in a different way than described on my page? Let me know so that I can complete the suggested solution. Maybe others have exactly the same problem!

If you would like to contact the developer of the Smule App, you can send a support request here under 'Submit a request'.

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Smule sound settings:

Smule Sound Einstellungen

Tascam iXZ Audio-Interface*

Smule Audio Interface

The Tascam iXZ is an audio interface to connect a professional vocal microphone to the iPhone or smartphone.

iRig Pre Universal Microphone Interface*

iRig Pre Universal Microphone Interface

XLR microphone connection cable*

XLR microphone connection cable